The Information Front: Volume One features photojournalism of the war covered by those photographers who are most vulnerable: Ukrainian photographers themselves. This newspaper functions as a platform to support their important work and, through dissemination and circulation, to maintain visibility of the war.

All profit from the sales of The Information Front will go to the Ukrainian organization Depth of the Arts Fund, which supports the necessary work of independent media in Ukraine by directly funding the photographers themselves.

The Information Front believes that photography, especially photojournalism, plays a crucial role in learning about the violence inflicted and acts as a counter-measure to false truths and propaganda spreading. The photographs in this first volume of The Information Front cover the first two months of the war, with the first dated 12 February, 2022.

Stay tuned for future volumes and upcoming exhibitions.


The Information Front is organized by:
Kateryna Radchenko
Christopher Nunn
Donald Weber
Design by —SYB—
Lithography by Sebastiaan Hanekroot, Colour & Books
Website by ZEST

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The Information Front was made
possible with the support of:
Free Press Unlimited
through its “Media Lifeline Ukraine”
and “Reporters Respond” initiatives
Newspaper Club